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Schism, Something Is Amiss In Heaven Again!















FIVE STAR REVIEW:, January 11, 2024


From the very beginning, the author captured my attention with his use of fictional symbolism. It was easy to identify with Tony Romero, one of the two main characters, who after dying sees what he's lost on earth and what's waiting for him in eternity. Obe, the other main character adds some friction that can be felt by everyone in the spiritual world.                                                                                   

Similarly, one can only marvel at the way the author depicts the process and levels of heaven he describes. How moving it was for me to feel the enjoyment and pleasure taken by each spiritual character, serving their creator. I have read a number of books over the years trying to provide some insight into heaven and eternity. Schism, by Mr. Armando Minutoli, is a must read for anyone who wants to feel good.    John Prokop, Jr.



An Amazing Read., February 1, 2017

By Amazon Customer

This review is from: Schism,: Something Is Amiss In Heaven Again! (Paperback)

An amazing read. It answers the questions that have puzzled mankind forever. You enter in a fantasy world, that one would hope becomes our reality when we die. The author's vivid descriptions transport you to a dimension of astounding beauty and thought. It is a thought provoking enlightenment that snares you to the surprise ending . Once you start reading,it is hard to put the book down until the end.



Being an avid reader, I thought I would breeze ...

 Amazon Customer on April 13, 2016

Format: Paperback


Five out of Five stars


Being an avid reader, I thought I would breeze thru "Schism" in a day or so but that was not the case. It starts out being a fast read but very quickly I found I had to put it down and ponder some of this thoughts. I would then go back to it for another day of "thought provoking ideas" that Mr. Minutoli gives to his readers. My thoughts of heaven were what I have carried since my childhood but are soon replaced with a much deeper insight of eternity. Thank you Armando for opening up my brain a little more.



Schism: Something is Amiss in Heaven again!: Review

By Amazon Customer Sandra K. on March 17, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition


Five out of Five stars



"I am the kind of reader who never puts a book down and will read it from beginning to end whether it's a good read or not

This is the most thought provoking and unsettling book that I've ever read. Even "Room" by Emma Donoghue didn't affect me as much as "Schism."
I am the kind of reader who never puts a book down and will read it from beginning to end whether it's a good read or not. I feel there's always something to be learned. Having said that, Schism is the only book I have ever needed to put down, reflect upon, and get up enough nerve to continue reading. It was a book that made me uncomfortable because I was full-on facing what was to become of us after death. I would think about the lives the characters led, the good and bad deeds done and relate it to my own life or the lives of others. It led me to question the teachings of the church, to reflect on the friends and family who have passed and whether or not prayer has miraculous power.
Death is something that we all know is inevitable but the author helps us to believe that there is a chance for all of us to be reunited with loved ones and live an everlasting life full of wonder and indescribable beauty. His creativity in describing what "could be" keeps the reader wanting for more of what heaven could possible hold.
This book would make a best-selling movie! The imagery alone based on the author's vision would earn an academy award. Keep writing, Armando Minutoli as this is your gift to humanity.


Kitty Muse Book Reviews

ByKittyon January 9, 2016


Five out of Five stars


Format: Kindle Edition


There is a shiver of unease being felt – in the one place one would never think it would happen. Everyone seems aware of it, but no one seems to be able to pinpoint where it’s coming from.
It starts at about the same time Tony Romero, a stockbroker with little regard for others, finds himself suddenly thrust into the afterlife. What tips the scales of judgment in his favor is the way he died—saving someone else’s life. Not to say that he ended up before the Pearly Gates—at least not yet.
He is introduced to one Obermyer Coddington, known as Obie. This soul left the confines of Earth at the tender age of sixteen—in the year 1864. It strikes Tony as very strange that his new friend should be kept in Purgatory (where, indeed, they both are) for so long.
Well, Obie has “issues”, which I won’t go into here.
Suffice it to say that there are a lot of creatures, great and small—angels, saints from all walks of life and faiths, and fellow dwellers of Purgatory—who would like to see Obie move up in the ranks.
And he does—as does Tony. This is where the unease starts to be felt by all of the citizens of Heaven. Even with the glories of the Eternal spread out before him, Obie has issues. Tony finds himself exasperated beyond belief at his stubbornness.
But in the end, he himself learns a lesson of strength from Obie’s trials—one that will change more than one life for all time.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was wonderful to see characters, in what should be a place of perfection, seemingly with flaws much like our own.
The scenes of Heaven—the dancing, the games, the parties, even the voluntary “classes” that these souls could go to—really brought the afterlife alive, in a way that thoroughly erases the whole clouds-and-harp thing. Mr. Minutoli’s writing brings this realm of the Divine down to Earth, and makes it as easy to relate to as one’s own neighborhood.
The story is well-written as far as story flow is concerned, taking us from one adventure to another. It is a very enjoyable tale, with a moral to teach, without ever being preachy.
All in all, a very remarkable book. I highly recommend it.


An incredible read. Great story telling!

By Burns on December 29, 2015


Five out of five stars


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase


Mr. Minutoli has taken on a very grand subject and made it very reachable to all with his incredible ability in storytelling and his very strong and creative characters. Each character seemed as exactly what was needed just at the right time to further the story as well as educate the reader. At no time within the story was the word "religion" used. This book makes God open to those of every brand of faith. This book is highly recommended to all no matter how far you faith journey has taken you. This book offer any "religious" short cuts, rather it very creatively shows that true faith is a life-long adventure, not a Sunday morning ritual. Congratulations, you've created a book that will not be forgotten to those who have the honor of turning your pages.

Brilliant Author, Brilliant book!

By Linda Baumann on November 12, 2015


Five out of five stars


Format: Kindle Edition


I love this book! I actually read it twice in a row so I could post a review that would be honest and not give too much credit if it isn't due. Author Armando Minutoli has written a brilliant book that not only makes you think, but as the plot deepens, heightens your interest in things unseen and sometimes not really thought about until the time comes when you have no choice. The characters are complex, and very different. It's what keeps this novel so good. Tony Romero and Obe - two people from different walks of life, are searching, are sometimes angry, sometimes amazed, but always solidly looking for the truth.

Have you ever thought about what heaven is really like? Do you have a picture of it in your mind? What about hell? Think about that much? This book will give you food for thought and, I think, will change the way you look at the hereafter forever. Some of us wonder if we'll be able to see loved ones in heaven. Some of us wonder and are very afraid of what hell is like. What if it is nothing like you've always imagined? What would you do then? This book asks as many questions as it answers and the interpretation is up to the reader. I was astonished more than once at the author's description of the afterlife.

This book is excellent from beginning to end and I promise, will have you thinking about it constantly long after you've put it down. It's the best book I've read and reviewed in some time and I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in contemplating an afterlife so different, so human, so wonderful and so heterogeneous get a copy of the book. It'll be one of the best books you've read in a long time!  "Copy provided by author for honest review.”


Armando Minutoli’s skillful weaving of the plot is such that in every chapter there is a new and amazing revelation about the author By CvC on November 5, 2015


Five out of five stars      


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase


Schism is a page turner and hard to put down. Armando Minutoli’s skillful weaving of the plot is such that in every chapter there is a new and amazing revelation about the author’s view of the afterlife in Heaven.
In Schism a new soul, Tony, arrives at the upper level of Purgatory and teams up with Obe, a soul from the Civil War era who has a disagreement with God. Obe has been in the same place and has not progressed to higher levels for all these years due to his obstinacy in resolving his discrepancy with the Supreme Deity.
Together, the two souls partake in several spiritual pursuits, whether by attending gatherings, engaging in activities, or exchanging views with more enlightened souls. They gain mystical insight and come to grips with their earthly failings as they make progress in their journey into the higher levels of Heaven.
While reading Schism, I could not help but compare Mr. Minutoli’s fantastic book with Dante Alighieri’s monumental epic poem, The Divine Comedy. Similar to Dante, Armando has a fertile imagination; each author presents his view of the afterlife. Similar to The Commedia, Schism abounds with allegories and symbolisms. Although left to the imagination of the reader, did the author equate the red juice of the pomegranate with the blood of Christ? Did the juice, hence Christ’s blood, cleanse Tony and Obe of their sins? Does the eating of the replenishing waffles symbolize God’s never ending Grace, freely given until satiated? Are the abundant scenarios with water supposed to remind the reader of the many events of Christ’s life that took place on and around water?
Schism is a “must read” book; you will not be disappointed.



November 4, 2015

Danielle Urban


Five out of five stars                         


Schism by Armando Minutoli is a fascinating novel unlike many others. It drives readers deep into a unique plot that takes them back to a time and different places with two characters whose cultures differ. I couldn't believe how incredible this story was until after I started reading it. It's the kind that is complex, full of adventure and leaves you thinking deep about everything. Once I began reading it, I couldn't stop until I reached the ending. Readers will love this novel by this talented writer just as much as I did. 

    Schism at first may not seem like the novel readers are lured into reading. But despite its title, Schism is a very powerful read. It has a plot that has drama, adventure, action, and much more.  It's like a super novel. Comes with a little of everything. There are flashbacks in this novel so, if you're a reader who doesn't like flashbacks from characters then this might not be for you. But, I still highly recommend you to try it out because the characters are realistic and the story will tug you in like no other.

     Armando Minutoli's words leave readers with a sense of what real faith is like. Evil may lurk everywhere and if there is a God then why does he let such horrible things happen? These questions and many more are not just told but shown to readers in an entertaining way. A way that gives readers a first seat glimpse into it all. So, the real question is ....are you prepared for an adventure of a lifetime? If so, read this and enjoy! 

    Tony Romero is one of the two characters in this brilliantly well-written novel. Right away readers feel a tug towards Tony. I felt sympathy toward a man who thinks he lost everything including God. Now, that is the hook that lures readers in right away...and makes us want to read further. I did. Tony even though he made failures he was the kind of man, who rushed to save a little girl whose parents didn't know was in danger...Now, Tony's life hangs in the balance. Will he make it or will he be lost to the world he knows?  His journey of faith with Obe leads him into a changed person. Readers will cry, laugh, and be amazed at this remarkable novel. Armando Minutoli has created a beautiful story that should be shared with the world and readers everywhere. It's the kind one wants to read again and again. Overall, I rate Schism a five out of five stars. 

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