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SCHISM, Something Is Amiss In Heaven Again!

A Spiritual Fantasy

ISBN: 9780963054487                            Hardcover

ISBN:                                                      Softcover  

ISBN: 9780963054494. 9781310848186   Ebook

    A spiritual fantasy with profound implications, “Schism”, joins Obe and Tony who fare from cultures and generations centuries apart at the highest level of Purgatory, then together through the heavenly realm, with flashbacks and earthly visits to the back woods of North Carolina, Georgia at the beginning of the civil war, and 60’s New York. This character-driven drama weaves doubt with love and mistrust with truth, exploring the ultimate meaning of moral fortitude, acknowledgement of, and trust in God.

    An inspirational diorama of a journey to faith, one that talks to the unanswered questions about humanity’s free will, God’s existence, His motives and His tolerance of evil.  Its underlying message is one of moral choices and trust. It also gives an entertaining fantasy glimpse of what heaven looks like and the magical things that happen there.


The Hester Street Kids

A Novel

ISBN: 97809630544-3-2 Hardcover

ISBN: 9780963054456   Softcover  

ISBN:-13: 9780963054449 Ebook

This work of fiction is a saga, one that talks to the plight of Italian American immigrants striving for a living in the new world under the thumbs of the mafia.  The story incorporates contemporary pleasers; love story, spice, serial killing, family secrets, crime investigation, etc. But its underlying message is one of moral choices. It also gives younger readers a historic glimpse of the 50’s, the postwar time of economic growth.


Medjugorje A Pilgrim's Journey

Non- Fiction

ISBN: 97809630544-0-1 Softcover

ISBN: 97809630544-6-3 EBook

    This inspirational work is a "true story" about one man's journey in search of his God. His adventure led him to Medjugorje, a remote village in Yugoslavia. A place referred to by many as a "place of miracles."

    Many people believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing on a daily basis since June 24, 1981 to six (6) young visionaries all from Local peasant families. Our Lady's messages are given to the world through them in a 'state of rapture' at the time of the apparitions. In her own words, Our Lady initially said, "I come to tell the world that God exists!" her many messages are calling us to increased faith, conversion and prayer. "Pray, Pray, Pray my children" she says, and often adds, "If you only knew what awaits you in heaven" and how much God loves you" she tells us.

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