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New eBook Release:  “SCHISM, Something Is Amiss In Heaven Again!”

By Armando Minutoli


“The spirit of a stubborn Civil War era teenager is teamed up in Purgatory with the     spirit of an infuriating 1960's stockbroker. Both suspect that God has a mysterious purpose for them. He does.”

    A spiritual fantasy with profound implications, “Schism”, ISBN: 9781310848186 (278 pp., tpb, $23.95 hard cover, $16.95 Softcover along with a $9.99 US for an EBook) joins Obe and Tony who fare from cultures and generations centuries apart at the highest level of Purgatory, then together through the heavenly realm, with flashbacks and earthly visits to the back woods of North Carolina, Georgia at the beginning of the civil war, and 60’s New York. This character-driven drama weaves doubt with love and mistrust with truth, exploring the ultimate meaning of moral fortitude, acknowledgement of, and trust in God.

An inspirational diorama of a journey to faith, one that talks to the unanswered questions about humanity’s free will, God’s existence, His motives and His tolerance of evil. Its underlying message is one of moral choices and trust. It also gives an entertaining fantasy glimpse of what heaven looks like and the magical things that happen there.  

    Armando recently authored and published: The Hester Street Kids: “The Hester Street Kids”, is a story of emigrant life under the New York Sicilian Mob. A Mafia-Drama-Thriller-Saga with a female protagonist as the lead character rich with a historic glimpse of the 1950's. A  time of economic growth.

Armando is also the author of a non-fiction book about the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a small Bosnian village, titled: “Medjugorje, A Pilgrims Journey.” with the forward by and collaboration with Author John Westermann, “Exit Wounds.” The Second Edition was released in 2010.  Also, the book is in the process of its Spanish language translation due for completion in late 2015. 

    Armando Minutoli spends his time writing. He is currently marketing his novels and screenplay adaptations. He holds a Master’s Degree in Psychiatric Social work from Fordham University School of Social Service.

Schism EBook is now available at Smashwords: Hardcover and softcover versions along with his other books will be available shortly at all major online retailers; Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc. or, through The Morning Star Press. Delray Beach, Florida URL:


To arrange a book signing or interview, contact Armando Minutoli:


Available IMMEDIATLEY in epub format at:


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